Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Macarons & Cupcakes

I bought a coupon from milkadeal for 4 Carrot Cupcakes and 6 Macarons with only RM16 instead of RM30 from My Domestic Bliss and the creative baker, Tina. I thought Tina is Chinese. Malay rupanya..

The cakes already messy because as told by the Baker, it fell in the car. OK, acceptable!

very Yummy and Super delicious! Unfortunately, too small to eat..sangat tak cukup.

Delicious and got slices of carrot...Sweet maa..

You know what? I am totally regret because i bought only 1 coupon. Anyone kind to give me 1 coupon? My pleasure..

Overall, wish Tina will make macarons a bit bigger than curent size.LOL... And i wish to learn to cook macarons.. you see one day..

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